Becoming a Silver Fox Lead Factory Manager


Silver Fox Lead Factory


Welcome to my 3rd post on The Silver Fox Lead Factory

In Part 1, I introduced you to the Silver Fox Lead Factory.

In Part 2, I covered how to request your free leads and then how to plug them into your system.

Now, In Part 3, I outline the advantages of upgrading to being a Manager.




In the previous post, if you listened to Harvey carefully, he mentioned some of the benefits of becoming a Manager with the Silver Fox Lead Factory.

As well as the 100 free leads daily, the free auto-responder and email blaster, you get so much more by upgrading your membership and buying out your sponsor.


Become a Silver Fox Lead Factory Manager


To become a Manager, it will cost you a one-time $300.

(This is the new price which was increased early in 2013. The video quotes $200.)

Here are some of the many reasons you want to upgrade your Silver Fox Lead Factory as soon as you possibly can:-


## If you have not upgraded to Manager and one of your team upgrades, you have to then  split the $300 with your Manager. If you have upgraded yourself, then you keep the whole $300 for yourself. This is paid directly into your Paypal account.

## You have the ability to hire telemarketers to call the leads you have acquired. Each person they bring on board who upgrades, pays the telemarketer $150 and you the other $150.

Just imagine – if you had 5 telemarketers working for you and they each make one sale per day, that makes you $750 per day!!!   10 telemarketers working for you will make you $1500 daily (based on one sale per day)       The mind boggles…..


If you cannot afford to pay the $300 at the moment, you might like to join me and work as a telemarketer for me (I supply the leads and Harvey supplies the training). That means you will make $150 every time one of the leads you call, upgrades to manger. Then, you may use that income to buy me out and become a Manager yourself.


##   You will have access to the really  cheap leads that Silver Fox Lead Factory sells.  There is usually a monthly special  – great deals available.


 Silver Fox Lead Factory Manager Video


Please watch the following video where Harvey explains in detail the many advantages of upgrading your membership to become a Silver Fox Lead Factory Manager.



If you have watched my 3 posts which aim to help you understand how the Silver Fox Lead Factory works and have decided you’d like to join, click on the following image where you can join me today:

Silver Fox Lead Factory

This post has aimed at explaining the advantages of becoming a Silver Fox Lead Factory Manager.

If you have gained value, please share so others may also learn. Please leave a comment in the box below.




That’s all for today, folks.


Liz Delaney


Setting Up Your Silver Fox Lead Factory

Silver Fox Lead Factory


Welcome to Part 2 of my series on helping you set up your Silver Fox Lead Factory.

In Part 1, I outlined what the Silver Fox Lead Factory is all about.

Now, in Part 2, I outline  how to set up your Profit Centre, how to apply for and plug in your 100 free leads per day




When you join the Silver Fox Lead Factory, you do not need to join any of the available opportunities. You can just gain access to your 100 free leads per day entitlement and leave it at that.


However, if you can’t help yourself, and start scrolling through the available opportunities listed, you will find that there are quite a few which are free. It doesn’t hurt at all to join the free ones first as you may gain commissions from these when your page is advertised. You can then join the other opportunities at your own pace.


Watch the following video, which explains how to set up your Silver Fox Profit Centre.




 Silver Fox Lead Factory – Request Your Free Leads


Now that you have set up your back Office and Profit Centre, you can send a request to get your 100 free leads each day


Again, the following video explains quite clearly how to do this…





 Silver Fox Lead Factory – Free Leads

The next step is to plug in Your Silver Fox Free Leads

The best way to explain this is for you to watch this next video.




Now the 100 free leads per day sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? But, to follow Harvey’s instructions to manually load them in yourself, takes time – very valuable time. So, he offers a subscription system where the leads are downloaded automatically for $25 per month.

I have taken this option myself.


If you have followed all the instructions which have been outlined in the videos above, then you are all set up and ready to go.


If you haven’t accessed your free account yet, click on the link below



Silver Fox Lead Factory


The Silver Fox Lead Factory Offers  other Opportunities also.

As well as all the other opportunities which have been outlined in the videos above, the Silver Fox Lead Factory gives you access to many cheap Traffic Tools, such as:-

  • Silver Fox Guaranteed International Sign-up Prices starting at $15

  • Silver Fox Guaranteed 50 Country Sign-up Prices starting at $20

  • Silver Fox Guaranteed USA Sign-up Prices starting at $25

  • Silver Fox Guaranteed International Visitors Prices starting at $15

  • Silver Fox Guaranteed Targeted  Visitors Prices starting at $30

  • Silver Fox Subscription DEALS Prices starting at $15.00 per week!

  • Silver Fox SUPER ADVERTISING PACKAGES Prices starting at $75.00

  • Silver Fox Email Advertising up to 115,000 Members Prices starting at $15

  • Silver Fox Top Banner Impressions! Prices starting at $15

  • Silver Fox Guaranteed PTC Visitors! Prices starting at $15

  • Silver Fox FaceBook LIKES!!! Prices Starting at $30


Then, of course, you can become a Silver Fox Lead Factory Manager by paying a one-time fee of $300. There are more opportunities available if you do so. Watch out for my future posts where  I will outline some of these other fantastic opportunities.




 If this post on setting up your Silver Fox Lead Factory has been of assistance, please share it with others and leave a comment in the box.


Cheers for now

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The Silver Fox Lead Factory


Silver Fox Lead Factory



One of an internet marketer’s main aims is to attract quality leads to their business. There are many ways to do this, but today I want to tell you about the Silver Fox Lead Factory.

Who owns the Silver Fox Lead Factory?

The Silver Fox Lead Factory is owned by Harvey Fox.

He calls himself “Harvey the Silver Fox”

I like Harvey’s no-nonsense approach. He says it as it is.
He has designed the Silver Fox Lead Factory using a variety of quality programs that are chosen to get and convert the FREE leads that are continuously pumped into the factory.

When you first get inside the factory, you may become overwhelmed at the immensity of it all.

That’s what happened to me.

The site is such a ‘busy’ site, with so much on each page.

Unfortunately, many people give up because of this, but don’t despair.

I am here to help you through, so that you don’t miss out on this unique system and all the benefits it brings.

Stick with it. Harvey has piled so much information into each page and video, that you have to be impressed. Harvey allows his students, like myself, to  use his entire video library for free, in order to promote their own unique programs.

Now, that’s generous!

My aim in this series, is to help you through the Silver Fox Lead Factory, so that you may join easily and get your 100 free leads every day.

In addition to the 100 free leads, you get access to a free ‘e” mail blaster and a free contact management system for your list.

With Harvey’s permission, I am able to use his video in conjunction with MY Silver Fox Lead Factory URL to drive traffic to my pages in my blog and use the new leads in my system. Harvey then trains and converts the leads for me. He sends me a hundred leads a day to put in my system for him to sell my products and services to.

See why I am impressed?

Registering For The Silver Fox Lead Factory

First you will need to click on a Silver Fox Lead Factory affiliate member’s introductory link  to gain access to the Silver Fox registration page to get your free membership and qualify for the  free leads and other Silver Fox free offers.

Click below

 join now button



After clicking on the link you will get the first Silver Fox Registration Page. This is a busy page, but look for this section:


Now, just enter all the required information.

When you get to “How did you find me?”,  just enter – ‘Liz Delaney’

Now click the Submit  button which will take you to a secondary Silver Fox Registration Page where you need to create your Silver Fox account.

The page will look like this:-


Silver Fox lead factory


Fill in all the requested information  and click the ‘Create Account’ button. Everything is free here at Silver Fox registration and you are not needing any money at this stage.

Now that you are in, browse around and investigate everything you see.
it takes a while, so no need to hurry.


My next post covers the setting up of your account.




If you are in need of a blogging platform to advertise your new Silver Fox Lead Factory business, try Empower Network.


To find out more about Empower Network, click on the link below.


Empower Network


Then, if you decide to join, click the following link.


Join Empower Network


If you gained any value from my introduction to the Silver Fox Lead Factory, please share so others may benefit. I’d also ask you to leave a comment.




Keep watch for my next article on how to set up your Silver Fox Profit Centre, how to acquire your 100 free leads each day and how to plug these leads into your system.


Bye for now


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Double Your Click-Through Rate….

Increase Your CTR

What is CTR?

According to http://www.webopedia.com

Short for click-through rate, the ratio of the number of times a user clicks on an online advertisement per number of viewers who view the Web site that has the advertisement on it. For example, if one out of 100 people who visit a specific Web site click on an advertisement and are taken to the advertiser’s site, then the CTR of that advertisement is 1/100, or 1%.

 Is your Click-Through-Rate lagging?


This quick email tip from Mike Hobbs, is so simple, that it only takes a minute or two to implement it in your daily emails.

The result is, it can double your click-through-rate.



Go on, implement it now and watch the difference in your click-through-rate.


The more people who click on your email link, the more sales you may make…

And that is Music to anyone’s ears!!!


By joining me in the Prosperity Team, you get access to proven, practical tips like this.


Find Out More About Our “Prosperity Team” by clicking the link below!

 prosperity team overview


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Cheers for now

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Because you just learned how to double your click-through-rate, be sure to leave a quick comment below…




I just found an unlimited domain web hosting company that is saving my online business hundreds of dollars per month!!
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Double your click-through-rate


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Squidoo Modules



Squidoo Modules


squidoo modules 1


Welcome to Part 3 of my series on Using Squidoo for your marketing purposes.

In Part 1, I introduced you to Squidoo.


Part 2 explained what a lens is.


Now, in Part 3, I introduce you to Squidoo Modules.


One of the most significant perks about working with Squidoo is that it allows you to generate impressive-looking lenses rapidly by providing you with pre-built modules.  All you have to do is add some content.


Modules are like Lego blocks.  You can add them to a lens in many different combinations.

However,  there are hundreds of modules, which means that  there are so many different ways to combine them.

Decide which modules are best for your lens topic, try out a dozen, move them around, try different settings, add photos, and see when it all clicks into place for you. You can feel the electricity in your fingertips when you know you’ve designed a beautiful lens.

When you initially get started with a lens, for example,  the design template you suggest may offer you an introduction, a text module, an Amazon module, and a Guestbook. Of course, you can add further modules at any time (the list is over in the right hand sidebar when you are in “edit” mode), and you may delete the ones you don’t want. Any new modules will be added in to the bottom of your lens. Later, it is possible to move them around by using the “Sort Modules” tool, which is right beneath the “Add Modules” section.

Squidoo Modules


You need to grab people’s attention with your introduction module. You need to make them want to read through the rest of the lens. Be sure to add a suitable image (this will be covered in my next post)


Squidoo Text Modules


Text modules allow you to include text to your lens, in great handy chunks. Think of them as mini article modules. So that means that if you already have an article written, you can very easily turn it into a Squidoo lens by separating it into two to three sections. Now you can turn them into separate text modules.

Don’t make these modules too long. A couple of hundred words is plenty.  If you have more information, you can add an additional module.


Squidoo Amazon Modules


Now remember, the purpose of a Squidoo lens is to be able to share something that you love or know a lot about. You need to write what you know. It’s no good just plonking an ad on your lens. You need to know something about the product as well. You can use your personal knowledge or do some research before writing a blurb.

The Amazon module allows you to pick Amazon.com products to promote.  Books are the product of choice for numerous lenses.  Nevertheless, you can also select all sorts of other products and solutions, from toys (for lenses about well-liked Science Fiction movies, for example) to gardening tools (for homemaking lenses) to jewellery (for Mothers’ Day) etc.

The Amazon modules and others like them greatly enhance the visual lure of your lens and make it more beneficial to readers as well as  supplying easy access to resources.  If you sign up to be an Amazon.com affiliate, you’ll also earn money when people click on the products you included in your module and purchase something.


Squidoo Guestbook Modules

Finally, there’s the guestbook. This works in a very similar fashion to the comments segment on most blog posts.You need to encourage visitors to write in your guestbook – this is just one of the characteristics that can make your lens more interactive.

There are many, many more modules from which to choose.

Here is a great lens on which Squidoo Modules the authors would take to a desert island.



If you have gained any benefit from this post, please share and feel free to leave a comment.

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